Works must be completed after November 1, 2018 but prior to October 1, 2019 to be considered. Works should be substantially completed before initial submission to the extent that the evaluation panel can determine if it will be selected for screening.

Works must be submitted in one of the following categories:

  • SHORT FILM: animated film under 45 minutes in length

  • COMMISSIONED ANIMATION: an animated work, such as a commercial, episode, or sequence that was produced under commission or contract for a third party, no longer than 25 minutes in length

Volunteer staff of the festival and employees of its sponsors are not eligible to submit for prize consideration.

The festival will also consider films in the following category:

  • FEATURE FILM: animated film over 45 minutes in length

This is not currently the festival’s priority, but we are interested in exhibiting feature-length films and are accepting submissions.


  1. Works must be submitted as a URL link to a streaming video source. Works cannot be submitted as download links or as physical media. The link must remain active until the close of the consideration period on September 1, 2019.

  2. Works selected for exhibition must be resubmitted as a downloadable video file in a common video file format. A work must be received by October 31, 2019, or its selection will be void.

  3. Works must be in English language, either with English audio or English subtitles. If appropriate, a foreign language film may submit under its original title or with an English language title.




If selected for screening, the producer or production team will be compensated at the following rates:

  • For a short film or commissioned animation 0-8 minutes, $50

  • For a short film or commissioned animation 8-15 minutes, $75

  • For a short film or commissioned animation 15-30 minutes, $100

  • For a short film or commissioned animation 30-45 minutes, $125

  • For a feature film, $250

One director from each film selected for screening will receive complimentary admission to the festival. The festival may air each selected short up to two (2) times during the festival and each selected feature once.

A jury comprising members of the animation community will consider each film and select the following prizes

  • Best Animated Short

  • Best Commissioned Animation

  • Best Animated Feature, if applicable

  • Outstanding Script

  • Outstanding Technical Accomplishment

  • Outstanding Sound Design

  • Outstanding Production Design

The public will also select the following prizes through voting

  • Public Selection for Best Animated Feature, if applicable

  • Public Selection for Best Animated Short or Commissioned Animation

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