SECTION 1. Attendees are at their own risk with respect to the dangers incidental to ANIMAINE. ANIMAINE is not liable for personal injury resulting from unforeseeable circumstances, or which results as no fault of the convention deliberate or otherwise.

SECTION 2. Disruptive behavior, which may include but not be limited to running, screaming, yelling, playing loud music, horseplay, unsolicited physical contact, or any other behavior deemed disruptive by convention staff, is prohibited.

SECTION 3. Local and state laws restrict the use of drugs and alcohol within the convention center and hotel complex. It is the responsibility of each attendee to be familiar with applicable laws and to obey posted signage and staff instructions. The use of any drugs including tobacco products and substitute tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes are prohibited inside convention facilities.

SECTION 4. Hotel guests may be sleeping after 9PM and before 9AM; do not disturb the other guests. Attendees may not obscure or obstruct their face while in the hotel or restaurant. Masks may be worn on the convention floor, but ANIMAINE reserves the right to request that they be removed for any reason. Do not use The Maine Table Restaurant entrances except to purchase food and/or drink from the restaurant. Treat the hotel and convention facilities with respect. Anyone who defaces or damages hotel, convention center, or ANIMAINE property will be liable for repair or replacement.

SECTION 5. (a) The City of South Portland has adopted an ordinance (10-1002) which prohibits indecent exposure in public areas such as the convention floor. Your outfit can not:
(1) Show genitalia or the pubic area
(2) Expose the buttocks (more than a reasonable swim bottom)
(3) Show the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering of the nipple
(4) Depict male genitals “in a discernibly turgid state”
(b) ANIMAINE recognizes that gender equality is a fundamental right. Any rule established by any government with jurisdiction over the convention must apply equally to all genders, including the prohibition of visible nipples or the depiction of the penis in a discernibly turgid state.

SECTION 6. An ANIMAINE Security staff member must approve any weapon prop before it can be carried through the convention. A determination can only be made after actually handling and inspecting the object in question. ANIMAINE Security is not able to pre-approve weapons props before the convention. The South Portland Police Department and other law enforcement will take action if they believe any person outside the convention center poses a serious threat. Do not carry prop weapons outside the convention center.The following weapons or weapon-like items are prohibited at ANIMAINE:
(1) Weapons prohibited under Maine Law
(2) Real guns (working, disabled, or otherwise)
(3) Practice swords including bokens and kendo bamboo practice swords
(4) Chains, Leashes, Spikes, Whips (metal or leather leashes, dog collars attached to humans)
(5) Metal blades (knives, swords, sharp wings, etc.)
(6) Projectile weapons (pellet guns, airsoft rifles, pistols, disc guns, paintball markers, etc.), water pistols, or other "weapons" with a working trigger.
(7) Laser pointers, laser-aiming devices, or similar devices, unless you are officially sanctioned to lead or present a convention seminar, workshop, display, or other convention-sanctioned event in which a laser is needed.
(8)Any other potentially harmful weapon/prop as determined by ANIMAINE Security.

SECTION 7. Unattended bags may be surrendered to law enforcement. Never leave your bag unattended. Do not allow someone unknown to you to guard your bag, and do not accept any item from a person unknown to you. ANIMAINE and the Best Western Merry Manor Inn are not responsible for lost items. If you lose an item contact Attendee Services immediately.

SECTION 8. ANIMAINE does not tolerate harassment. Participants in ANIMAINE events are expected to refrain from intimidating, badgering, or pressuring other participants. The use of social media or other non-convention services to harass ANIMAINE attendees, staff, or guests, will still constitute a violation of this policy. Violators may be warned or ejected from the convention without prior notice depending on the severity of the harassment.

SECTION 9. The opportunity for every individual to have equal access to places of public accommodation without discrimination because of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, ancestry or national origin is recognized as and declared to be a civil right (Title 5 §4591, MRSA).


SECTION 1. ANIMAINE is hereby granted the right to use of the image or likeness of any and all attendees in any recording, transmission, or reproduction of ANIMAINE.

SECTION 2. For the safety of all attendees, do not loiter in or obstruct the hallways. Please keep the hallways and doorways clear. Similarly, cosplay photos may only be taken in designated areas.

SECTION 3. The sale of products or services without permission from the convention is prohibited. This includes solicited donations and “free hugs” and similar signs or offers. Signs which advertise such offers will be confiscated and ANIMAINE shall assume no liability or responsibility for their return. Attendees who advertise such offers may be ejected from the convention without refund.

SECTION 4. Only food and beverage purchased from ANIMAINE or The Maine Table are permitted on the convention floor. You may carry a water bottle from an outside source.

SECTION 5. If it is illegal outside the convention, it is obviously illegal inside the convention. Maine law allows ANIMAINE to hold any person suspected of shoplifting for 30 minutes and shoplifters will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Shoplifters will have their badge revoked without refund, be removed from the convention and may possibly be banned from attending future ANIMAINE events.

SECTION 6. Using a computer to access copyrighted material without permission is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1996. ANIMAINE will work with the appropriate federal agencies to ensure prosecution of any person found to be violating this and other copyright statutes during the convention.


SECTION 1. Do not line up more than thirty (30) minutes before an event. Function rooms have a limited amount of space and it may be necessary to wait in line prior to entry into some event areas. Follow posted signs and staff member instructions. Disabled persons, and those persons specially designated by ANIMAINE, are not required to stand in line for entry into any Event Room.

SECTION 2. ANIMAINE staff members reserve the right to deny access to any event for any of the following reasons:
(1) Attendee is not displaying a valid badge
(2) Attendee’s attire does not adhere to the Convention Code
(3) Attendee appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
(4) Attendee has a bottle, can, or container of any kind
(5) Attendee has an oversize bag (larger than 8” in any dimension)

SECTION 3. Convention staff members may eject any person from any event at any time.

SECTION 4. All Attendees wishing to enter an event room may be subject to a voluntary search by a convention staff member. Signs will be posted outside of events which may involve searches. You have the right to refuse a search but convention staff members may deny you access if you do not consent.


SECTION 1. Titles I, II, and III of the Administrative Rules are collectively the Convention Code and must be published in the convention guide book and/or posted in an area visible to attendees.

SECTION 2. Any part of the convention code which does not specifically refer exclusively to attendees therefore refers also to staff, guests, and any other person in the service of the convention.

To report a violation of the Convention Code, see any ANIMAINE staff member.
Coordinators, who are easily identifiable by their
yellow badges, can help resolve issues when they involve staff members.
You can also report violations at

Title I Section 9 is excerpted from the Maine Human Rights Act.
Violations of this clause of the Convention Code can be reported directly to the Maine Human Rights Commission