Fast Facts

ANIMAINE was founded in 2011 and is in its eighth year. But some people are still learning just what we are. Here's three quick facts for those interested in vending, selling art, or sponsoring.



Our attendance is usually between 300-400 including our staff. We like being a small show because it encourages new friendships and conversations. Just because we're little doesn't mean we don't pack a punch, though: attendees come from all six New England states and New York and many come back every year.


Where bootlegs go to die

We have a bit of reputation for being tough on bootlegs. Not just "we don't like them" tough, but "we destroy them spectacularly" tough. Our strict anti-bootleg policy applies to both artists and vendors, so read it carefully before applying.


Positive attitudes only

ANIMAINE is an inclusive, celebratory environment. We're here to have a good time with everyone. Our restrooms are gender-free. Our anti-harassment rules are meant to be followed. Our beer is locally sourced (and only for those over 21). We're proud of our little show and we want to share it with you. Leave your woes at the door.