Cosplay Contest

Do you have a handmade cosplay or prop you're really proud of? Why not show it off and compete in our cosplay contest! We want cosplayers of all levels to show what they're made of in our friendly competition! You may even win some fabulous prizes! Click me to enter!

Cosplay Deathmatch

It's sorta like this (fewer respawns)

It's sorta like this (fewer respawns)

Click me to enter!



What's the difference between a panel and a workshop?

A panel is an event where one or more presenters discuss a topic, sometimes with audience participation. Examples of panels include ANIMAINE's I'm Not Gonna Lie and Bootleg Bomber.

A workshop is an event where one or more presenters works with audience members towards a final goal. Examples of workshops include ANIMAINE's Candy Taste Test and Art Contest.

How can I apply to host a panel or workshop?

You can apply through our submission form!

2017 Event Schedule

Subject to change. ANIMAINE reserves the right to make up-to-the-minute changes. Screenings are subject to rights availability and other factors.

The schedule is not available at this time.