Board of Directors statement about recent allegations

ANIMAINE takes the safety of our volunteers, partners, and attendees very seriously. We have worked with outside organizations to strengthen our ability to investigate and respond to safety concerns.

In September, a former volunteer (“Individual A”) made an allegation against our president, Christopher Perry, to the convention’s co-chair and asked that it be investigated. The convention co-chair did not feel that the allegation was credible and he elected not to pursue an investigation. Three weeks later, Individual A made their allegation in a public setting. Mr. Perry recused himself from the board pending the completion of an inquiry and our vice president, Christopher Wood, led the full board of directors in an inquiry into Individual A’s claim.

The content of our inquiries into matters like this contains private, personal information, and it is the policy of ANIMAINE to keep that information safe and secure. It is vital for those who step forward to give statements to know that their privacy will be respected.

The board voted 7-0 to accept the final report: Individual A’s allegation is not supported by the facts. Contemporary records and eyewitness accounts do not line up with Individual A’s account. 

We respect the right of people to tell their own story. We have not sought to block anyone from presenting criticism of ANIMAINE. But we deeply disagree with the narrative that we are not concerned about safety or that we would allow a dangerous individual to be involved in the convention’s leadership. We have always been here to support our community and we plan to be here for many years to come.


Christopher Wood, Vice President

Brittany Iafrate, Treasurer/Acting Secretary

Tia LaBrie

Jon Estes

Kate-Lyn Gingerich

Colin Harvie

Joshua Margolis

Maryah Merlo

Individuals who have questions about ANIMAINE’s harassment and assault policies, or who would like to file a complaint, should reach out using the contact page on our website.

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