Cosplaying at ANIMAINE

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ANIMAINE ♥ Cosplay

For the past few years, we have worked to increase our cosplay programming. We hope you enjoy the special events, workshops, and panels that ANIMAINE Cosplay has to offer.

We love all kinds of cosplay! We’re also honored to welcome other style choices including fursuits.

For your safety, ANIMAINE prohibits attendees from wearing masks or other face coverings while at Registration, Attendee Services, Autographs, or while lining up for Bootleg Bomber. You will also be asked to remove any face coverings when entering 18+ or 21+ events for age verification purposes. Please note that if you have heavy makeup or costume prosthetic pieces that Safety & Security volunteers may not be able to verify your age, so it’s best to remove these before attending 18+ or 21+ events.

The use of real blades (“live steel”) or functioning guns of any kind, including airsoft, pellet, and BB guns, is prohibited for any reason and at all times. Safety & Security reserves the right to inspect all cosplay props and to deny props at their sole discretion.

South Portland civil ordinances and ANIMAINE’s Convention Code prohibit attendees from exposing their nipples or genitals during the convention. Any attendee who violates these rules may be asked to leave the convention without further warning.

Cosplay Contest

Do you have a handmade cosplay or prop you're really proud of? Why not show it off and compete in our cosplay contest! We want cosplayers of all levels to show what they're made of in our friendly competition! You may even win some fabulous prizes! Details soon!

Other Cosplay Events

Details soon!